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Todd Lane - Sculptor in Clay on wood

Little Pug



Todd Lane is an award-winning artist who has been apprenticed to three world-renowned sculptors. He creates one-of-a-kind pieces in polymer clay as well as limited-edition castings in bronze. Todd is also available for private commissions.

Todd Lane Pug Sculpture

  • Shipping on this item depends on the size, weight and overall dimensions.  We only charge cost for our shipping, the amount it costs to cover the materials and shipping rate.  Shipping usually is priced between $65-$185, it may be more depending on the dimensions and weight.

  • LiLu’s Art & Antiques (LAA) DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY AS TO THE NATURE, DESCRIPTION, GENUINENESS, PROVENANCE, IMPORTANCE, OR CONDITION OF THE PIECE.  All Sales are without any representation or warranty of any kind by LAA. Buyers are responsible for satisfying themselves concerning the condition of the piece and the matters referred to in the entry, or in any other statement or writing provided. 

    All Sales are final and are "AS IS."

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