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G. Haddon

G. Haddon / Oil On Canvas / 16 X 13 (with frame)

19Th Century, “Fisherboy



Haddon, the acclaimed Newlyn School artist, was born in Birmingham and was most active in the period 1884 to 1911.  He painted in both oils and watercolors and is now best remembered for his masterly small portraits, particularly of Cornish fishermen and their wives but also of maidservants, milkmaids and serving girls, and even cardinals, cavaliers and jesters.  He worked closely in Newlyn with fellow Birmingham/Newlyn School artists Walter Langley and Edwin Harris and all three exhibited frequently at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (Haddon 35 times, Langley 57 times and Harris 31 times).  Haddon also exhibited frequently at the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. He is listed in the Cornwall Artists’ Index.  David W. Haddon died in 1914.

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