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Nina Buxton

Nina Buxton / Oil on Canvas / Florida Landscape

25 X 20 (with frame)




Nina D. Buxton was born in Khartoum, Sudan to French parents and grew up in Egypt where she studied art under Professor Carlo Minotti and Tahia Halim.  She then moved to Paris to continue her studies at the University of Paris - Academie de Grande Chaumiere and Academie Julien. During this period she spent her summers traveling and studying art in Europe and the Middle East. Nina has a tremendous background in all phases of Art. She has lectured and demonstrated on Television, Art Clubs and Universities. She is recipient of over 150 awards. Her paintings have found their way into countless homes (President Reagan, Senator Lawton Chiles, Senator Bell), Diplomatic offices, State buildings, Banks such as Sun Bank of Florida, and also Florida National Banks, IBM, Gerber, Coca Cola, Florida, University of Florida and numerous other collections here and abroad.


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